With any fandom, whether it be comic books, pro wrestling, or genre characters there’s always a bit of a fun fascination of pitting our favorites against each other! From examining tales of the tape, killcounts, or jump scares, horror is always a great genre to explore such fantastic flights of horrific fancy! I’ve created a fun video Horror Series called FRIGHT FIGHTS, where I pit two Horror Icons against each other by highlighting their respective film moments, quotes, or fun moments!


Fright Fights – MATCH #1 – Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers

Ding ding ding. Who wins this tussle of the terror titans? Will the last beast standing be the Machete Maniac from Crystal Lake or the Masked Ghoul from Haddonfield!

Fright Fights – MATCH #2 – Freddy Kruger vs Pinhead

“Let’s get ready to ruummmmmmble!!!” Razor Blades for Nails or Nails for a Face. Ultimately, only one will be the victor – will it be the Springfield Slasher or the Collector of Souls? Who wins?

Fright Fights – MATCH #3 – CHUCKY vs LEPRECHAUN

Doll with a Murderers Soul vs the Murderous Imp of Gold Who would Win in this deadly diminutive duel?

Fright Fights – MATCH #4 – LEATHERFACE vs JIGSAW

Oil up your chainsaws, fine tune your death traps, cause this is a battle of the brute butcher, taking on the sick man with a plan! Who would prevail in this Torturous Tussle of Terror? Will the winner be The Calculating Death Trapper matching Wit, Skills, Blood and Kills with the Built Like A Bull Cannibal? Or will the Saw rip Thru All the Traps? Who do you think would win?

Fright Fight – MATCH #5 – ASH vs EVERYONE

Music Video spotlight of Ash from the Evil Dead series strapping on the chainsaw hand, grabbing the shotgun, and taking on Every evil horror movie character that comes his way! Think he can take them?

Let me know your picks for the winners of these bouts in the comments! IF You have any suggestions for future Fight Match Ups, leave them in the comments as well!

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